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To microchip your dog, have the microchip embedded under the skin.

Some microchips have anti-migration features, which helps the capsules stay in place by bonding to the tissue. It sounds like it’s an expensive procedure but really, it’s not too bad.

The main function of a microchip is to help identify the pet parent’s contact information in the case that a pet is lost and found by someone.Getting the Microchip Considering a Microchip Community Q&A Microchipping is a technology used to locate your dog if she ever gets lost or is stolen.Collars and tags can be helpful when you need to find a missing dog, but there's always the chance that they could fall off.Just ask Marie, her two dogs got out of the backyard fence and ran away.One of the dogs was chipped, while the other was not. This post may contain affiliate links — the cost is the same to you, but we get a referral fee. A dog tracking chip can be scanned for your details so your dog can be returned to you and you can be a happy family again.