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But I think for younger people these are still really important issues, and at the heart of this movie is a love story, and the choice that an artist has to make, and I think that's very universal.

I like that it was also not a straight biopic either. Most biopics completely imagine events, but they still present it in a way as if this is exactly what happened.

Family: Married the actress Uma Thurman, ; one daughter. If his subsequent work invites one to add a further component, it is reticence.

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I think a lot of older folks will know Chet Baker and know the music and the times, and they'll love it.Without much help from the script he manages to communicate the character's gentle strength, pleasure in being alive, and determination to live as he chooses, so that his share in helping his father rediscover his full humanity is convincing.Dead Poet's Society gave him the opportunity to project idealism and integrity at whatever personal cost.The flannel, the goatees, the espresso beans, Screaming Trees — none of these grunge staples had yet to filter up into Perry Ellis ads and now, it’s almost shocking that my teenage self revered a movie with such adult themes, when now I relate so closely to Linda’s (Kyra Sedgwick) fears of intimacy, Janet’s (Bridget Fonda) “God Bless You” dating requirement, and Debbie’s (Whatshername) “Expect the Best” video.is jarring when viewed from today’s world of the internet, helicopter parents, and gay equality. * * * Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix were born the same year and made their debuts in the same film, Explorers , at the age of fifteen.